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  • I know other financial advisors, why should I work with you?"
    To be fairly authentic, it’s not a guarantee that you should. You should interview several planners before you choose one. You need to understand their philosophy, process, and personality – and you need to like each one of those. PKWM was founded and built to address the unique set of needs, concerns, opportunities, and constraints inherent in the tech and medical industry. So, if you’re in the tech or medical field, not to brag, but we’re sort of a good catch. We’ve thought long and hard about our philosophies of planning and investing for you and we’re dedicated to empowering you. Even though we have a focus in Tech and Medical industries, we also work with clients with other backgrounds. Lastly, we’re a firm that abides by the fiduciary standard.
  • Do I need to have a certain amount of money to work with you?
    We will support you and provide service, what matter what amount you are able to invest. Some strategies have a minimum dollar amount but we will support and guide you no matter the dollar amount. The earlier a solid foundation is built, the greater the chance of building and sustaining wealth, and achieving financial freedom. We spend our time focusing on issues that you face – Retirement planning, cash flow management, managing risk, stock options, RSU’s, paying off debt, prioritizing savings goals and many others. Not to mention, through our personal experiences with student debt, higher education, career development, professional achievement and entrepreneurship, we share a perspective that very few financial advisers in the industry can.
  • I don’t live near San Francisco/ Bay Area. Can I still work with you?
    Of course! Although we’re based in SF, many of our meetings are conducted virtually because we work with clients throughout the country. PKWM is a location-independent firm, so we can easily work with anyone with an internet connection
  • How do you keep my information safe?
    All PKWM employees and contractors avoid sending sensitive information in emails and encourage clients to similarly abstain. We operate almost exclusively with web-based software. The data we do store is cloud-based. Our hardware is protected with strong passwords. The vast majority of business and client data is held by trusted providers. We use dual-factor authentication when available. We are happy to provide our Data Security Manual, upon request.
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